Hello! I’m Caris Cruz. I write about things that inspire hearts to be braver and kinder. My passion? To tell a great story. To connect humans to a narrative. That’s what words are meant to do: to echo a message loud and clear, to linger, to leave a mark and a beautiful memory. Reading should be a transforming experience.

I work as a freelance writer and offer exuberant content support to small businesses and startups whose goal is to do good. My mission: to cultivate words for passion-driven businesses eager to make this world a better place. And no, it’s not about the glossing things over. I think the story is about you  — an entrepreneur, a creative genius, or a beautiful human being with something to tell. You want to share your journey. You believe in your product and there’s a market out there who will share your vision.

My goal is to help you explore the possibilities of finding and building your own community through well-researched, hearty content.

I’ve had the honor of writing for:

FLWR | Claret Rondel | Tales by Trees | The Eluminati | Wild Wagon Co. | Asia Bars | Moderne Living | Fat Shack Vintage | KYDRA | RADICE Sleep

You may want to read what my clients say about me!

Caris has been writing for me for two years and she is absolutely fantastic! She writes about fashion and beauty in a natural tone that mimics the voice of my website perfectly. I couldn’t even tell the difference between her or my writing as I browsed through old articles. Her grammar is excellent, her work is submitted well within deadlines, and I couldn’t be happier with her. I highly recommend Caris for natural, well-researched, and engaging blog posts. Thank you!t
— Alexandra Jimenez, Travel Fashion Girl
Caris Cruz has done work for me for almost 3 years, and she is one of THE best people to work for me—EVER. Not only does she do a great job within the assignments I give her, but she has a wonderful personality, also. She goes above and beyond to help. She can handle a strong workload and make it seem easy. Her writing style is light and easy to read, and I give her topics that are neither exciting nor easy to find material to write, much less write with any sort of personality. Yet, she does it…seemingly effortlessly. Caris is a hard worker who is also incredibly talented. If you take care of her, she’ll MORE than take care of you.
— Chris Wechner, The Ultimate Analyst
Top notch writer with a great attitude and fast turnaround. Caris is absolutely terrific with words and content. Highly recommended!
— Audrey F., ATAKA Singapore
Caris wrote a fantastic article for us in such a short period of time. I was so appreciative to not have to edit/request changes. We will definitely invite her to complete future jobs for us! Thank you :-)!
Caris was an absolute joy to work with! She asked all the right questions in order to get the brief right. She was able to submit a draft that was 90% already there – a few tweaks from our constructive feedback and she promptly edited and submitted work. I would highly recommend Caris for any future work.
— Renee Litonjua, Australian Lifestyle Brands

I write best for lifestyle brands. Here are some of my favorite projects!

  • Travel + Interior Design: Opulent Lagoon Villas at St. Regis Bali via The Vacationeur
  • Work + Life: Productivity Showdown: Night Owls Vs. Early Birds via Storia
  • Design: Collaborative design modernizes hospital furniture via Design Faves
  • Pop Culture: 7 Reasons to Worship the Japanese Trio Perfume via Storia
  • Lists + Feminism: Five Feminist Anthologies to Inspire Your Woman Warrior via Storia
  • Makeup: Should You Splurge or Save in These 5 Beauty Products? via Storia
  • Fashion: 10 Metallic Items that Your Need in Your Wardrobe via Storia
  • Nature: The Healing Wonders of Forest Bathing via Tales by Trees

Why should you choose to work with me?

I’ve been writing content for a diverse range of brands since 2010
I write with empathy. I write with life, with descriptions, with things real and raw. If you’re looking to reflect your brand’s best values in the most personal way, I’m your guy. I mean, girl
I had opportunities to write press releases, technical blogs, DIYs & how-tos, creative content, SEO, landing pages, brand stories and even poetry for a kids’ educational website!
My timezone difference (UTC+8) lets me work on the assignment as quickly as possible
I’d love to hear about your passion, your pets, your favorite things, and of course, your company! We’ll work on the draft together. Don’t worry; we’ll polish and revise it back and forth until we come up with the right content for your website


Shall we begin?

If you’re ready, I’m in! Send your brief to and let’s talk about business — your business. If you want to know more about my writing voice, I’m ready to whip up a short sample! Just send a request along with your desired topic. Talk soon! x